How to survive when your family has stomach flu

How to survive when your family has stomach flu

Let’s be honest: nothing sucks more than the horror that reigns when your family has stomach flu. It’s a scary and exhausting experience, and you’ll never do so much laundry in your life. The good news is that there are a few tips and tricks you can use to make you physically and mentally better equipped to deal with the trauma. Here are some golden nuggets of wisdom:


Tips for when your family has stomach flu

1. Use a puke bucket, but line it with a plastic grocery bag

It’s clever to use a bucket whenever your kids seem ready to projectile vomit. But it’s a gross and inefficient chore to clean the bloody thing after the mess has been made. And that’s why you need to line it with a plastic grocery bag. It’s a game changer! When the puking is done, you can just trash the bag. This really saves you a lot of time and reduces the chances of getting puke in the sink or anywhere else it shouldn’t be.


2. Hydrate babies with medicine droppers

After the initial wave of puking is over, it’s time to get everyone hydrated again. But most kids are hesitant to put anything in their mouths, which makes sense. If your kid doesn’t feel like drinking anything, use a medicine dropper to feed them water or rehydration drinks. This one works well for the littlest of folks who can’t be easily persuaded to take just a few sips of anything.


3. Make your own rehydration popsicles

After throwing up, your kids’ throats will be sore. And that happens due to the retching. To help soothe their discomfort and get them rehydrated in one easy shot, you can make your own rehydration popsicles. Take any rehydration drink (like Energade) and freeze it into popsicles.


4. It’s kay to throw some stuff out

At first, you’ll try to wash and clean all the items that got puked on, but eventually, as the years roll on by, you’ll kind of slip up on that one. If something is downright nasty and totally soiled, save yourself the trouble and just bin it. Yeah, it’s not nifty or great for the environment, but there are times where we parents need to cut ourselves some slack. This is one area where we’re willing to do it.


5. Cover the surfaces with towels

If one of your kids enter a state of constant puking, it’s wise to literally surround them with towels. Towels are great because they’re absorbent and are so much easier to clean than upholstery. If you cover your kid’s bed with towels, you also won’t have to change the sheets as often. Also, it might be wise to invest in a mattress protector, which you can use until they go to college.

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