How to survive a bad day with the kids (as a good mom)

How to survive a bad day with the kids (as a good mom)

Generally speaking, you need a lot of wine to survive a bad day with the kids. Sure, there will be days (most of them) where you crush it as a mom. You’ll make all the right connections and validate all the feelings. You’ll be firing on all cylinders. But there will be days where you just CAN NOT. Everything from the sound of your kid’s voice to the way they keep tugging on your shirt seems like sensory torture.


Sadly, you can’t call in sick and take a day off from motherhood. And this is why it’s super important to have a game plan for when things go south. Here are some great tips you can call on when you’re experiencing one of those dark days of motherhood:


Tips to survive a bad day with the kids

Know all of the playgrounds in your area

You might be clued up on the parks in your area, but even during the worst of weather spells, kids still need to run and play. Standing out in the rain and blistering cold is just NO way to turn a bad day around. Make sure you know what your options are as far as indoor playgrounds are concerned.


Call on the caffeine

Look, you’re a mom, which means you function only when you’re already caffeinated to some degree. But a bad day can call for an extra dose. Make sure you brew the coffee extra strong or reach for that frowned-upon energy drink. Do whatever you need to do to get your blood pumping a little faster. The shakes don’t make a sucky day better, so don’t overdo it. Although this is by no means any medical advice, we’re just saying that a little caffeine might be all you need to give yourself a jump start.


Invite some friends

Sure this might seem a little counter-intuitive. When you’re at your worst, company might be the last thing on your mind, but just hear us out. You need to invite the RIGHT friend for this. Make sure she’s helpful, understanding, and possibly has kids the same age as yours.  Some good adult conversation might be just the pick-me-up you need to survive a bad day with the kids. Kids also act differently when there are other people around. So sometimes changing up the scene can help steer them back on track again.


Turn on the movies

Yeah, we’re really supposed to be limiting screen time, but on the worst of days, you can forget about that idea for a little while. Turning the television really isn’t all that bad when you’re just trying to make it through the day. Besides, being at an insufferable level of stress to meet some arbitrary daily limit is MUCH worse than the occasional movie and a bonding session on the couch.

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