How to stop travel meltdowns with kids before they happen

How to stop travel meltdowns with kids before they happen

There’s only one thing worse than a crying fit at home. And that’s travel meltdowns with kids. Here are some smart ways to stop the tantrums before they happen while you’re exploring the places and spaces with your kids.


Tips to prevent travel meltdowns with kids

Don’t rush into anything

Instead of an hour ahead of time, plan on getting to the airport two hours before your flight. If you don’t have to rush, you and your kid will stay stress-free. It’ll also reduce the chances that your kid will feel overloaded by the rush of hurrying through a new situation. This can help prevent an anxiety-related meltdown.


Pack the busy books

You’ll need to keep your kid occupied at the airport and during long car rides, so make sure you pack appropriate busy books. This will help prevent the “are we there yet?” question from coming up for the umpteenth time.


If you’re taking a long car trip, make frequent stops

It can be really hard for kids to sit still in a car for prolonged times. You need to ensure you leave enough time in your plans so that you’re able to stop every hour for a 10-minute break. Perhaps you can even consider packing ball, so your kid can burn off some energy while you’re stretching your legs.


Pack some familiar bath time essentials

Sure, it’s great that hotels provide the basic toiletries, but something that can really prevent travel meltdowns with kids is their tried and trusted bath time products. Your kid might get overwhelmed by the hotel’s range of new products to give them something they can remember their home by.


Pick the best boarding options

Some airlines offer pre-boarding, which can really help prevent travel meltdowns with kids. If you reckon your kid might be better off with boarding after everyone else, inquire about that. Perhaps an aisle or bulkhead seating option with some extra room might be a better fit for your kid’s needs.


Stock up on familiar snacks

A hungry kid will always end up being a cranky kid, so it’s in your best interest to always have food on you while travelling. If your kid is a picky eater or has taste sensitivities, you might not find her favourites at the airport or the hotel restaurant. Make sure you pack some non-perishable foods you know they like instead of making them adapt to brand new ones.

By Seldean Smith

Seldean is a full-time single mom and avid contributor to the Kiddles website. Her hobbies include discovering awesome new places and spaces for kids and writing content that resonates with the hearts of other parents.

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