How to protect young skin in the winter

How to protect young skin in the winter

During the colder winter months, our skins really take a beating. And it’s more important now than ever to protect young skin. Your kids don’t have to stay indoors just because the air is colder outside. Here’s how to protect the most sensitive of skin types from the brutal winter air.


Tips to protect young skin

Dress the part

One of the easiest ways to protect young skin during the winter months is dressing them well. Kids need hats or beanies to keep their heads warm. You might also want to add insulated gloves to protect their hands against the cold and a scarf, to keep their face and lips from becoming irritated and dry.


Protect against UV rays

It might feel colder outside, but the sun is still there, damaging our skin. Make sure you’re protecting your kid against UV rays by ensuring he or she always wears lip balm with SPF. A sunscreen of at least SPF 30 is essential for everyday wear.


Reach for the Aquaphor

You’ll need to apply a skin barrier to your kid’s face to protect it from becoming chapped. If your kids will be playing outside when it’s windy, apply a layer of Aquaphor, Vaseline, or virgin coconut oil to their cheeks. It can really go a long way in preventing the skin from drying out.


Moisturise religiously

Moisturiser is an absolute must if you want to protect young skin and keep it healthy. A thin layer of moisturiser like Cetaphil is ideal after baths, before putting on their PJs. Even if your kid’s skin doesn’t look dried out, a skin irritation due to dryness can strike at any time.



The colder weather often forces up to turn on the heat indoors, but that dries out the air inside our hoes. Setting up a humidifier in your kid’s room and turning it on at night will help keep the room warm and will also help protect young skin. This prevents itchy and dry skin, dry throat, and nosebleeds.


Don’t overdo it in the bath department

The skin becomes dry and chapped when it’s over-washed during the colder months. That’s why it’s best to only give your kid a bath when it’s absolutely necessary. Don’t let them lather soap all over their bodies, because this can make the problem worse. The skin actually dries out with the regular use of soap because it strips the skin of its natural oils.


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