How to prevent lice and treat the problem if it does happen

How to prevent lice and treat the problem if it does happen

Lice are icky, itchy, and sadly, present in most school settings. While most kids will get it once or twice during their school years, you can prevent lice if you have the right kind of information by your side. Let’s take a look at preventative causes and treatments for this pesky yet super common problem


Tips to prevent lice

1. Start by understanding how kids catch lice

Head lice spread through contact, and they can’t live anywhere except for a human head with hair. Lice have been around since the dawn of time and have always passed from one person to the next. Your kid doesn’t actually have to “touch heads” with another kid that has lice. These gross critters jump quite far and can easily travel across a classroom.


2. Use a safe method to kill them

Although the ultimate goal is to prevent lice, you do need a plan of attack if your kid has lice. The good news is that there are a lot of nontoxic products out there, perfectly suitable for killing head lice. Keep in mind that there aren’t any products that can wash the nits (eggs) off the hair strands. You’ll have to manually remove the nits with a special comb.


3. Spray to keep the problem at bay

Head lice hate anything with the scent of mint. You can use a mint spray to keep lice away. It’s also important to inspect your kid’s head once a week. This ensures that if lice are detected, the problem isn’t major and can be treated right away. If you have a daughter with long hair, keep her hair tied up tight in a bun or braid.


4. Wash everything that’s contaminated

If you or your kids have been in contact with someone that has lice, it’s super important to take action as soon as possible. If you’re worried that you might have been exposed to lice, you’ll need to wash your clothing in warm water. Lice die when they’re exposed to warm water, think bath tub hot. To prevent a lice outbreak, toss your clothing, hat, jackets, scarfs, jackets, and any other clothing items into the washing machine. Use hot water and then dry the clothes in the tumble dryer on high heat. It’s also important to soak your combs and brushes as well.


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