How to not get bored with a new baby at home

How to not get bored with a new baby at home

Having a new baby at home is magical. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. But the truth is that getting bored with a new baby at home is something that happens to everyone. If you’re a veteran mom, you know all about how these days feel like endless stretches of nothingness broken up by diaper changes. Here are some smart ways to kill time while you patiently wait for your little human to mature a little.

Bored with a new baby at home? Try these tricks

1. Read your baby every children’s book you have. No, he or she couldn’t be bothered. But still, just do it.

Parenting books say we’re supposed to start reading to our babies from the day they’re born. Now is the perfect time to read that boring old story to your baby a hundred times. Who cares if your baby can’t comprehend the story yet? You’ve got amazing skills when it comes to imitating voices, so use it!

2. Insert, remove, repeat

Put the baby in the swing and then take the baby out. Now place the baby in the bouncy chair and remove again. Place the baby on the activity mat and take the baby off again. Repeat that 72 more times today, and you’re all done.

3. Take a walk. Or at least attempt it.

Start by packing the diaper bag and strapping your baby into the carrier. Next, walk out of the house and smell a poop. Walk back into the house and just give up on the idea altogether. For now, you’ve got one rule to stick to: don’t leave the house with a new baby. Eventually, things become easier, but until then, reward yourself with some snacks and Netflix.

4. Write a bunch of oversharing posts on your Facebook mom group

You’re never going to meet these moms in any case, so say what you want when you want to. If your nipples are cracked and you’ve cried three times this morning, sharing is caring. They’ll never judge you.

5. Play a stupid version of peekaboo with your baby

If you’re bored with a new baby at home, this one can be great for like two seconds. Stand in front of a full-length mirror, holding your baby, while saying “Look who it is” in a ridiculous voice.

6. Take a bath

Nothing kills time quite like a cleanliness routine. And we’re not talking about you, mama. Give that baby a good scrubbing. He likes it. You like it. It just works.

7. Take 23,457,786 photos of your baby

Nothing screams “I’m bored with a new baby at home” like filling your phone with Instagram-worthy photos of your baby. Activity mat, snap. Bathtub, photo op. Mom and baby selfies, too many. Baby in a cute outfit, click. Sceptical pet looking at the baby with serious envy, capture it. Yeah, they’re basically all the same photo, but your kiddo looks cute as hell in every single one of them.

By Seldean Smith

Seldean is a full-time single mom and avid contributor to the Kiddles website. Her hobbies include discovering awesome new places and spaces for kids and writing content that resonates with the hearts of other parents.

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