How to increase family health and happiness the easy way

How to increase family health and happiness the easy way

It’s important to increase family health and happiness because, at the end of the day, your home should be a place where you can be yourself and enjoy spending your free time. Here are some ways in which you can ensure your family is happy and healthy.


Family health and happiness tips

Make time for cuddles

There’s no such thing as overdosing on hugs. Families need to spend time snuggling together, reading, talking, or playing games as a team because it impacts family health and happiness. This kind of positive touch helps kids feel loved and secure, and it’s fun for parents too.


Sing often

Singing together is a great way of bonding as a family, even if nobody in the family has a talent for singing. You can make up your own family songs and dance around the living room while having some family fun. P.S. this is also a great trick to motivate your kids to clean up their rooms!


Make more room for fun

Sure, it’s good to encourage your kids to do their homework and extracurricular activities, but too much of this can lead to anxiety and tension. You need to make time for activities that have no other purpose than allowing family members to enjoy spending time together. Play some games, plot surprise parties, take walks together, cook, or plant a garden together as a family unit.


Break out a sweat as a family unit

Whether you decide to take a run or ride a bike to your local park with your kid, it’s important to exercise together. These kinds of outings allow you to model healthy behaviour, get in some exercise, and spend quality time with your kids.


Cook together

This is yet another great way to get your kiddos interested in healthy foods. While you’re prepping dinner, get your kids involved by teaching them how to measure, cut and mix ingredients. This works on that essential teamwork and improvisational skills. Plus, when kids get to help make the food, they are much more likely to actually eat it too.


Do one-on-one dates

If you’ve got more than one kid, it’s essential to try and spend a little alone time with each child on a daily basis, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. This special time with you can help your kids feel unique and also gives them an opportunity to bond with you even deeper.

By Seldean Smith

Seldean is a full-time single mom and avid contributor to the Kiddles website. Her hobbies include discovering awesome new places and spaces for kids and writing content that resonates with the hearts of other parents.

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