How to find the best baby thermometer

How to find the best baby thermometer

Taking your baby’s temperature can seem like a near impossible task and can be traumatising for both of you. But with the best baby thermometer on hand, it becomes a whole new ball game. Wondering how you should go about selecting the best from the rest? Here’s a quick and easy guide:


What to look for in the best baby thermometer

Some thermometers work best for specific age groups. Rectal units are fine for kids of all ages but come highly recommended for newborns since they’re the most accurate. Older kids, on the other hand, can and probably will protest against the backdoor method. Kids older than four generally do well with oral thermometers. Younger kids might not be able to hold oral thermometers correctly, so in this case, a digital under-arm thermometer is a better choice.


Best baby thermometer picks

1. Nuk Baby Thermometer 2-in-1

The Nuk Baby Thermometer comes with an extra-small measuring tip and an infrared transmitter. Temperature can be measured in the ear to get a reading within a few seconds. If ear readings are not an option, you can also gently rub the tip of the unit against your baby’s temple. After about eight seconds, you’ll get a precise result.


Thermoscan 7

We like the Thermoscan 7’s pre-warmed tip that is designed to give accurate readings since it doesn’t probe the ear with a cold tip. It also has a colour-coded display that helps you understand the temperature reading based on how old your kid is.


Chicco Thermo Distance Infrared Thermometer

In just a second, you can read your baby’s temperature with this smart device. You can even take your kid’s temperature while he or she is sleeping without disturbing them. Want to double check that your baby’s food or bath water is at the right temperature? This thermometer can be used for those purposes as well!



Using an adhesive patch to attach under your kid’s arm, the iThermonitor is a wearable wireless thermometer. Link the iThermometer to your smartphone and continuously monitor your kiddo’s temperature.


Chicco Digi Pediatric Thermometer

This is the good old thermometer most of us grew up with and can take rectal, underarm, and oral readings in under two minutes. It can’t be used to take in-ear readings, but it does have a memory function and an alarm that notifies you when the reading is complete.


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