How men can help during labour: It’s easier than you think

How men can help during labour: It’s easier than you think

Even though you might not think that men can help during labour, the exact opposite is true. Women that have support from their partners during labour are able to get through it with much more ease than those facing the journey alone. Here are some tips on how you can help your partner get through the labour process.


Tips on how men can help during labour

Be positive, stay close, talk to her

You have to stay with your partner at all times and talk to them throughout the process. She needs to be able to feel your presence, hear your voice, and look into your eyes. This will give her the encouragement to continue.


Help her move

Men can help during labour by helping their partners move. Moving around during labour is exhausting, so you need to help her change positions and support her while she’s standing.


Keep her cool

When a woman goes into labour, things get pretty hot pretty quickly. You can give your partner some relief by fanning her down or wiping her brow, neck and face with a cool washcloth. You also need to remind her to stay hydrated and drink water between contractions.


Get the water ready

If your partner wants to use water for pain relief, you can help get the shower turned on or the bathwater running so that the temperature will be just right for her to get in.

Don’t take it personally

Labour is hard work, and the transition phase is often the toughest. She’ll be rude to you at times, but please, don’t take it personally. She chose you to help her during this time because she loves and trusts you. You are her safe outlet and you need to keep in mind that she’s extremely hormonal, tired, and going through a LOT.


Recognize her work

A woman in transition needs to be reminded of how far she’s come since it can help her push through the last phase much more comfortably. Remind her that she’s almost at the finish line and that every contraction is one step closer to holding your baby.


Be her advocate

Transition is usually the phase of labour where care providers may undermine efforts of natural birth. They might suggest unnecessary interventions or attempt them without the mother’s consent since their decision-making abilities and the ability to verbalize their wishes are limited. Right now, you’re an essential role player and you need to act as her advocate and speak for her when she is unable to do so.

By Seldean Smith

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