Holiday crafts for tots

Holiday crafts for tots

You might be well aware of just how hard it can be to keep your toddler entertained, and you might also know all about how much more intense things get during the holidays. So what do you do to keep your little human happy? You turn to crafts, that’s what! Here’s a roundup of our favourite holiday crafts for tots to keep your kiddos entertained:

Best holiday crafts for tots

1. Pool noodle horses

You probably have a pool noodle (or three) lying around the home somewhere, and if you don’t, you’ll be happy to know that these things are super easy to find and also very cheap. Check out My Crazy Blessed Life’s post on how to put these pretty ponies together.

2. Egg carton sail boats

We love how easy these egg cartons sailboats are to make, and they’re going to be super fun to have around during the hot summer months. They’re also perfect for kids of all ages, but you might need to lend a helping hand here and there. You can find the instructions for this craft here.

3. Flower crowns

If you’re got toddler girls in the house, this is a great craft to keep them busy and will compliment any cute fairy costumes they might already have. To read more about how to put them together, follow this link.

4. Rainbow paper lanterns

These lanterns are super easy to make and won’t cost much, even if you have to buy all of the supplies. This craft is great because it develops fine motor skills and will also brighten up your home once the kiddos are done. Check out The Swell Designer’s post for instructions on how to make your own lanterns.

5. Pet rocks

We’re betting you have a few rocks lying around in the backyard, and if you’ve got toddlers in the house, you probably also have some paint in stock, which means that you’re good to go as far as pet rocks go. There’s not much to it, you just need to show your tots how to paint pretty faces onto rocks, but for the full info, click here.

6. Tie Dye totes

Listen up moms with girls: your princesses will love making their own tote bags! To make these bags, you’ll need unbleached materials (or even an old shirt), some food coloring, a large tub or bucket, and water. If you’ve forgotten how to do the whole tie-dye thig, refer to The Gunny Sack’s post for some help.


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