Planning for Baby

Welcome to the Kiddles hub about planning for a baby. On this page, we’ll share a wealth of information that all expectant moms need in order to plan for the arrival of their little humans. If you have no idea where to start reading, here are some pointers:

An expectant mom’s options for giving birth

Discover your options for giving birth. Which birth will be best for you and your baby? What are the benefits of natural childbirth? What are the benefits of having a C-section? Read the full article by following this link.

State or private hospital birth?

Is it really the best idea to give birth to your baby at a private hospital? What are the benefits of using a private hospital for the birth of your baby? What can you expect when deciding to give birth at a government hospital?

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Best baby products

Which baby products can you afford to buy second-hand? What are some of the most essential baby items you’ll need when your baby arrives home?

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How to prep before your baby gets home

What things should you have ready before your baby gets home? What are some of the best products that can help make a new mom’s life easier? Our article about planning for baby will help set you up for success. Check it out here.

What to expect from life with your newborn

The first six months of your baby’s life can be a wild ride. Preparing yourself for what lies ahead is your best bet for surviving it with your sanity intact. You can read more about how and when to do what during this stage by clicking here. You can also check out our article on decoding your baby’s body language here, which will help you better understand your little human.

What if this is your last baby?

This pregnancy has been amazing, but did you appreciate it for all it was? Read this open-ended letter if you suspect this might be your last baby. It’s a total game changer that might help you cherish the newborn days just a little more. Every baby is a blessing and a gift, but the last baby you’ll ever have…is a journey on its own.