Baby Showers

Whether youu love planning baby showers for friends or you’re arranging your own baby party, having a few great baby shower ideas in your arsenal is never a bad idea. On this page, we’ll share some of this year’s best ideas and gifts for baby showers, just to give you a helping hand.


What are some great ideas for baby showers?

While you can go big with the food and the gifting ideas, the first step in organising a great baby shower is picking the perfect theme. Here are some of the themes we’re totally obsessed with:

  • Onesie painting party
  • A high tea
  • A “ready to pop” party
  • Sprinkle baby shower
  • Popeye party
  • Vintage newsprint party

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What are some of the best gifts for baby showers?

Attending a baby shower is always great fun. And seeing the mom-to-be open her presents is priceless. Unless you’re the one that got her a less-than-amazing gift. Here are some of the best baby shower gifts that won’t leave you red-faced at the baby shower…

  1. Diapers

Diapers are always handy, and they’re some of the best gifts for newborns. It might seem like an obvious gift, but it’s one that will always be welcome.

  1. A car seat cover

Car seat covers are great for newborns since they’re sensitive to light and weather changes. These covers help keep babies warm and make it easy for them to nap on the go. Car Seat covers can also double up as shopping cart covers, which are ideal for less-than-sterile trolleys, making them a fun and functional gift for a baby shower.

  1. A sleep sack

Sleep sacks or swaddling blankets are great for babies during the colder winter months, and they’re also a lot safer than blankets in the crib. The Halo SleepSack or the Woombie are both great choices, but you’ll find that there’s a wide variety of sleep sacks available on the market.


  1. A gift voucher

Your pregnant friend will be overjoyed with a gift voucher for a baby store like Baby Boom or Baby City since she’ll have the freedom of spending the card on things she really needs for her baby. This is a great choice if you have no clue what to buy for the baby shower, and since it’s such a versatile gift, it will always be warmly welcomed.

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