Gifting crafts your kids can make

Gifting crafts your kids can make

If your kids love arts and crafts (which kid doesn’t?) then you know all too well how useless most of their projects turn out to be. But here are some cool gifting crafts you can help your kids make, projects that are actually useful around the home and that anyone will love receiving!


Best gifting crafts

Egg Cup Planters

Grab some paint, wooden egg cups, a fine paintbrush, a wooden skewer, fine-point pens, plants and of course some potting soil. Paint the bottom half of the egg cup and allow to dry. When it’s dry, paint on some polka dots with the fine paintbrush. Use the pen to draw cute faces, add some soil and the plant and Bob’s your uncle!


Soap Gems

To make these gifting crafts, you’ll need clear and white soap base, a mason jar, soap colorant, disposable cups, and gem-shaped molds. But your soap bases into 2cm chunks and put a handful in a Mason jar before melting it in 30-second intervals. Add drops of dye to the melted soap and swirl the container to mix gently. Pour the liquid soap into the disposable cup and then allow them to set. After they’ve set, chop them up. Now, melt two or more colors of soap in separate containers and pour into the mold. Allow to harden overnight and wrap in plastic before giving away.


Beaded Clay Necklaces

Have your kid work on foil (so the piece can be transferred to the oven) and then let the roll or press oven-bake polymer clay into a sheet about 3cm thick. Using a dull knife, cut out a shape and create a hole or two for the cord. Press small glass beads firmly into the clay. Once the design is done, bake the clay as indicated. Coat with some nail polish once the piece has cooled down and add a cord.


Wind Chime

To help your kid make their own wind chime, you’ll need to gather some bottle caps, outdoor craft paint, fishing line, bells, tacky glue, buttons, a small plastic flower pot, and a hot glue gun. Let your kids paint the bottle caps in colours of their choice and allow to dry. Next, seven pieces of fishing line that are roughly 15cm long and tie a bell to the end of each strand. Put some tacky glue on the bottle cap and set the fishing line in the glue and sandwich it with a button. Repeat five or six times per strand, about ¾ of the way of the fishing line’s length. Allow to dry completely. Now, feed the ends of the strands through the holes of a large button, bigger than the pot’s drainage holes and secure with a knot before feeding the strands through the drainage hole. Just to ensure the strands don’t cluster in the middle, use the glue gun to secure the lines to the inside edges of the pot. Tie one final piece of fishing line in a tight knot to the top to hang.

By Seldean Smith

Seldean is a full-time single mom and avid contributor to the Kiddles website. Her hobbies include discovering awesome new places and spaces for kids and writing content that resonates with the hearts of other parents.

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