Fun and innovative business ideas for older kids

Fun and innovative business ideas for older kids

Kids love dreaming big and planning their futures. Which is why we need to teach them business basics from a young age. Some folks believe that the age at which you start your first business impacts just how successful you’ll be in life. That being said, here are some brilliant business ideas for older kids, just to get them started on the right track.


Best business ideas for older kids

Recycling service

Your kid can set up a recycling service where they collect paper, glass and cans from folks that don’t have time to do it themselves. It might not pay the biggest bucks, but parents can reward their kids accordingly for the work they do.


Author or illustrator of children’s books

Kids know best what resonates with their age group. If your kid loves writing stories, they can put together their own book and get it published. If your kiddo is somewhat of a little Picasso, he could start offering illustration services to the authors of children’s books.



Kids can easily master the task of filling up Fido’s bowl and cleaning the cat’s litter. If your neighbours are heading off for the weekend, have your kid volunteer to pet-sit for them. This might not be the highest paying job out there, but it teaches kids about responsibility and commitment.


The classic lemonade stand

You know how this one goes. Kids can test their entrepreneurial skills by selling snacks or drinks to their friends during school breaks. The start-up costs here are not insane, and the profits are great to purchase more stock. It’s a win-win scenario for kids that have the motivation to push through.


Rating games or toys on YouTube

If your kid is an entertainer of note, it only makes sense to point the camera at them. Record them as they’re playing with toys or test driving video games. Have them tell viewers what they think or what they’d do differently if they were in charge of the design.  They only need a couple of hundred followers to start earning serious cash. And as you know, the world is all about tech these days. Whoever said that kids can’t make a living while still living with their parents!


By Jess Green

Jess is a happy father and avid supporter of kiddles, writing occasionally and keeping the website afloat. His favourite kids activity is hiking and teaching kids about nature.

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