Five secrets all single dads share

Five secrets all single dads share

Being a single dad might be one of the hardest jobs on the face of this earth, but it can also be the most rewarding. Take a little advice from others who have stood in your shoes before, and learn what it takes to be a great single dad. Here’s a roundup of the best-kept secrets all single dads share.


Secrets all single dads share

They have flexible work schedules

Being a single dad with the world’s responsibilities at the office will be way too much to juggle. This is why all successful single dads work with their bosses in order to create a flexible work schedule. This helps them spend more time with their kids


They stay calm during life’s storms

The schedule of a single dad can be pretty demanding, and it’s enough to test anybody’s nerves. But what all single dads have in common is this: they stay calm in front of their kids. They find a mechanism for stress relief, such as chatting with friends and family. They make it their priority to stay as calm as possible during the hardest times in their lives, so their kids get to be just kids.

They have decent visitation rights and a schedule

Successful single dads understand the importance of their children seeing their mother, so they don’t deny them that right. They have decent schedules for visits and stick to them as far as humanly possible. Successful single dads co-parent with their child’s other parent to make life great for their kid.

They set great goals for themselves

Successful single parents have a goal of always moving forward in life. They have specific objectives and live by them on a daily basis. They have schedules that lie at the basis of their foundations for success. They understand that by taking better care of themselves, they’ll be able to ensure a great life for their kids.


They don’t criticise the ex

Kids are very vulnerable and naïve and successful single dads know that. That’s why they don’t criticise their child’s other parent. They also don’t criticise their ex’s gender just because things didn’t work out between the biological parents of the child. They always surround their children with positive people from the opposite sex to show them that they don’t have a problem with say women in particular.


By Jess Green

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