How to Get Pregnant

A lot of couples out there seek advice on how to get pregnant. Most couples expect pregnancy to happen naturally within a few months of trying to conceive. But in reality, 30-44% of all women find that it takes much longer to conceive than they expected.

Advice on how to get pregnant

In this section of our website, you can learn more about how to get pregnant and all the information that goes hand-in-hand with the topic. We’ll take a closer look at topics such as:

  • How long does it take to get pregnant?
  • Are there ways for me to get pregnant faster?
  • How does my age affect my fertility and ability to get pregnant?
  • Is stress affecting my fertility?
  • Why am I struggling to conceive after having my first baby?
  • I have had some fertility problems in the past. How does this impact my chances of getting pregnant now?

Interesting facts about getting pregnant

  • Did you know that it takes just over a month for one-third of healthy couples to conceive?
  • Perfectly healthy women under the age of 35 might still take up to a year to conceive.
  • Older women are more prone to fertility issues.
  • Up to one in two couples try to conceive at the wrong time of the month. Couples can only conceive on certain days of the month. These days are when a woman ovulates, and it is also when intercourse can (and probably will) result in positive pregnancy tests.
  • Roughly one in seven couples have problems with trying to get pregnant.

Articles on how to get pregnant

Tips and tricks

Do old wives tales really work for conceiving? What can I do to conceive a girl? What are my odds of having twins?

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Advice for couples

What should couples do before getting pregnant? Are there health tests and scans we should have done before trying to conceive? How can we start planning for a baby?

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Parenting books

Are there pregnancy or parenting books out there that can help me conceive faster? What should I learn about pregnancy before trying to conceive? What changes can I expect my body to go through during pregnancy after I conceive?

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