Family Planning

Family planning goes far beyond just trying to conceive. The idea of planning for a future family entails that you and your partner are on the same page. It’s about knowing what you want for your future, and the future of your unborn kids. On this page, we’ll share some inspirational tips and advice about family planning with you.

What is family planning?

According to the dictionary, family planning is a means of controlling the number of kids you want to have. It also focuses on the intervals between the births of children within the family. Family planning is controlled by contraception or voluntary sterilisation.

Why do people use family planning?

A lot of folks want to work according to a clear and defined plan when it comes to adding new members to their family. Family planning gives them a relatively safe and effective way to get this done. It also eliminates the need to spend hundreds and thousands on professional services.

Articles and advice

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