Welcome to the Kiddles hub for family pets. This page has been put together to help families understand and take better care of their pets. We discuss a lot of details on this page including the best pets for families and puppy care 101. To get you started, here are some suggested reads:


The best articles on family pets

The best pets for families

Although dogs are trusty old steeds as far as the family pet game goes, there are other options too. Take a look at what the best pets for families are and find the one that steals the hearts of your family unit!


The truth about babies and family pets

Have you ever wondered how safe it is to have a pet when you just brought home a new baby? According to science, there’s a lot of great reasons why this is a brilliant plan. Here’s why babies and pets can be one of the best combos on the face of this earth.


Introducing your new pet to your family

There are so many amazing benefits of having a family pet, but only if it’s done in the right way. So how do you ensure a safe and secure procedure when it comes to introducing your new pet to your family? The truth is that it can take some time before all family members get along. Here are some simple do and don’t points to consider.


Pet safety 101

Not sure how to introduce your kids to a new family pet? The truth is that it takes the right approach and some patience to get your kids acquainted with a new pet, and to keep everyone safe. Check out our guide to pet safety to help everyone get on the same page with regards to the new 4-legged family member.


How to teach kids about the passing of a family pet

Kids and pets just go together like peanut butter and jelly. The right family pet can teach your little human SO much about life. But they can also bring a lot of heartbreak when they leave us. Teaching kids about the passing of a family pet can be a LOT harder than it seems, but here’s some help.


Teaching your kids the basics about being a responsible pet owner

Kids with pets seem to be the ideal combo. Just think of the perks. Always having a companion. Being showered with love every time you meet. Always having someone to play with. And the opportunity of learning how to take care of an animal. But this can only come into play if your kid knows how to work with animals. Here are some ways in which you can teach your kids about the importance of being gentle with pets.