Welcome to the Kiddles hub for family food. Here, we share our best tips, tricks, and advice on creating and enjoying scrumptious foods for your family. Parents can come to this page to find great reads on topics such as superfoods for the family, the benefits of fermented foods for your family, and amazing raw desert recipes. Here are some articles to get you started out:


The best articles on family food

A list of superfoods your family needs

If you’re a mom trying to get your family to eat a more balanced diet, this article is just for you. Here are some of the superfoods to feed your family with, all of which will help boost health and happiness in your home!


Reasons to start feeding your family fermented foods

While most of us like the idea of a perfectly bland, sugar-laden, and commercialised diet, the state of our wellbeing actually depends on our approach to food. One that includes real foods such as sauerkraut and Kefir. Before you slam the door on the idea thinking these foods smell “strong” and have an “acquired taste”, you might want to get the scoop on the benefits of fermented foods.


Food swap ideas for healthier family dinners

Pizza, pasta, and ice cream are three of the most popular comfort foods that we love to indulge in. The problem is that although they taste heavenly, they’re NOT doing our waistlines any favours. The good news is that there are a few simple food swaps that you can use to turn your favourite comfort foods into superfoods for your family.


A roundup of the best superfoods for kids and tots

Kids, if left to their own devices, wouldn’t eat anything that didn’t come from a pizza or pasta box. But that’s why they have parents that are there to serve them the most nutritious meals they can. Sure, at one point or another, not-so-nutritionally-noble foods will make their way into your kid’s mouth. But to combat their bad effects, try to serve your kid’s superfoods on a regular basis. Read on for the 411 on the best superfoods for kids and tots!


Raw desert recipes the whole family will love

The latest hype revolves around raw desserts. Desserts that take an uncooked shape. Desserts that are sugar, gluten, and dairy free. Should you care to incorporate them into your daily diet? The simple answer is YES. If you’re still not sure how these “alternative” treats stand up to traditional baked desserts, you’re in for a sweet surprise. Take a look at the benefits and some of the best raw dessert recipes out there.