Welcome to the Kiddles hub for all things birthdays. On this page, parents can find some great tips, tricks, and advice on planning epic birthday parties for their kids. We’ll show you how to plan anything and everything, from toddler parties to teenage celebrations. To get you started out, here are some suggested articles to read:


The best articles about birthdays

Amazing first birthday party ideas

Your sweet baby’s first birthday is just around the corner. And you still don’t know which route to tak for the party. But don’t stress. We’ve got you covered. If you’re in need of a little inspiration, check out our great selection of first birthday party ideas!


Birthday party ideas for your toddler

As far as your years of party planning go, the toddler years are golden. The guests of honour are all starting to develop some real personality. They don’t know the first thing about politics. They love ding just about anything that seems like an activity. The world is your oyster as far as planning a themed party goes. Stick to blue for boys and pink for girls, and you have everything you need for success. Read the full article here.


Mesmerizing birthday party ideas for little girls

Forget the tea parties. There’s so much more you can do in order to make your daughter’s birthday a magical adventure she’ll never forget. From superheroes themes to Hello Kitty, Brave and even Dorothy and the yellow brick road, there’s a LOT you can do to spark imagination in young girls. Read on to see our top birthday party ideas for girls…


Rugged and tough birthday party ideas for boys

Before your kid graduates from the toddler scene part and soggy Nik-Naks, you’ll probably have to cringe and sit through a few less-than-amazing parties. But as soon as those days pass, you have an opportunity to plan some kickass boys’ birthday parties. When it comes to birthday parties for boys, remember that the guys love the basic stuff best. They’re going to want to get active, loud, and dirty of that’s an option. The only thing your kiddo wants to remember from his party is the great fun he had, not the colour-coded themes. Read the full article here.