Essential car safety tips for driving with kids

Essential car safety tips for driving with kids

Your kids are your most precious cargo, so car safety tips are always welcome when it comes to driving them around. You need to pay extra attention to keep everyone happy and safe inside the car. Here are some golden nuggets of wisdom that can help keep your pint-sized passengers safe and sound during any car trip!


Car safety tips to keep in mind

Know where to sit the kids

It’s always best to be strategic when it comes to driving with kids. Correctly seating kids means they’re always in the safest positions possible. Kids under the age of 12 need to stay in the rear car seats in appropriate child seats secured with seat belts. Which leads to the next point…


2. Buckle up, no matter what

This is a car safety tip that cannot be stressed enough, and it really is a no brainer. Everyone in the car, not just the kids, need to be strapped in with the car’s seat belts. It’s been proven time and time again how a single strap can draw the line between life and death. Not only are you putting your life at risk by not using the safety belt, but you’re also breaking the law.


3. The car isn’t a place for lap time

Yes, kids enjoy a good old sit on mom’s lap. But the car just isn’t the place for this. If and when an accident happens, it can result in demise.


4. Ensure that your kids know the rules

As a parent, you need to ensure that your kids know just how serious driving really is. They need to remain as calm and quiet as possible when you’re driving, and the need to stay in the back seat.


5. Don’t let your kids play in the car

This is also general knowledge, but kids should always be supervised in a car. Never leave them alone in or around the car. It might be no big deal to leave them alone in the car for a few minutes. But this can be a dangerous, and even deadly, mistake.


6. Never text and drive

Driving safely is your biggest responsibility, and phones really put everyone inside the car’s lives at risk. Never text and drive and don’t answer calls unless you’ve got a hands-free device. The last thing you want to do is teach your kids terrible habits. If you’re texting and driving, that’s what they’ll learn to do too.


7. Ensure you’ve got the best car insurance

Nothing is more important than safety, convenience and comfort when it comes to your kids, especially when you’re travelling on the road. The risk of having a car accident is sadly an everyday reality. Accidents can happen to anyone on any day. When you’re driving, you expose yourself (and your car) to risks that are out of your control. And that’s why it’s super important to have comprehensive car insurance that covers all the needs of your family

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