Easy potty training tips for boys

Easy potty training tips for boys

Potty training a boy doesn’t have to be as stressful as the world makes it out to be. Here are some amazing potty training tips for boys!

Best potty training tips for boys

Do potty training sessions

In their brilliant book, Potty Training Boys the Easy Way, Caroline Fertleman and Simon Cove advise on using potty training sessions to teach even the latest of starters how to quickly and easily potty train. What does this mean? It entails training your kids on a morning and afternoon schedule, consistently, each and every day. You’ll be using an hour or so in the morning and again an hour in the afternoon for potty training purposes. During these sessions, you’ll be giving your kid a pee break every 15 minutes and keeping the pull-ups on after every session.

Go the naked route

A lot of parents swear by this one, so why not try using naked time to potty train your little man? Let your son wear nothing but a t-shirt (or his birthday suit). Because he’s naked, he isn’t wearing a diaper and thus has nowhere to put the pee or poop, forcing him to go to the loo and put it to good use. As soon as he goes, make sure you’re praising him for it and telling him how proud you are of him.

Make rewards part of the plan

You can get real creative with potty rewards. Each time you son goes to the loo, be sure to hand out items such as bubble, high-fives, or stickers. The first full day your kid manages not to poo or pee himself should call for a special reward, so if he’s earned it, be sure to take him out to the shops so that he can pick his own potty prize.

Inform the teacher

It will be useless to try and potty train your kid without informing his school about your dedication and hard work back home. If you’re actively potty training at home, be sure to let his teacher know so that they can keep up the good fight at school. You also want to ensure that you’re bringing some stickers for the teacher as well if you’re offering them as rewards at home. That way your little man will be able to see the importance of his hard work and how it still pays off, even though he’s not at home.


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