Development boosting baby activities

Development boosting baby activities

During the first six months of your baby’s life, you saw him transform from a floppy-headed newborn into a tiny person who can now start to sit up on his own. And while it’s true that all babies develop at their own pace, as moms, we’re always going to want to help them along and do things that’ll make reaching those milestones easier for them. So here’s some great advice on development boosting baby activities…

Best development boosting baby activities

Get baby to listen

Sing and talk to your baby using exaggerated tones of voice, and then see how your baby reacts to different pitches. This will help your baby learn valuable language lessons and help boost cognitive development.

Do soem tracking

You’ll need a small, soft, and colorful toy for this activity. Get your baby to lie down on her back and then hold the toy in front of her face. Make sure you’ve got her attention and then gently move the toy from side to side, encouraging her to follow it with her eyes. This will help improve visual tracking and visual development.

Try baby sit-ups

If your baby has mastered the art of head control, lie him down on his back and then place your hands under his arms. Gently lift him into a sitting position before lowering him back down again and repeating two or three times. This activity will help train your baby’s core muscles, improve his motor skills, and boost his head control.

Go flying

Across your lap, lie your baby down with her belly on your knees. Place your hands around her midsection and ensure that she’s fully supported before gently lifting her up and moving her up, down, back, and forth, just like an airplane. You can add extra sound effects to get her giggling! This activity will help improve your baby’s body movement and will stimulate her.

Grab and go

You’ll need an empty paper towel or toilet paper roll for this one, and it has to be cut up into 2cm rounds before being placed onto an empty baking sheet. While your baby is enjoying some tummy time, place the sheet with the rounds in front of your baby and then encourage her to pick them up. You can also get you baby into a sitting position and get him to grab items on the sheet pan. This activity improves the grasp and release mechanism, stimulates tactile development, and may help boost hand-eye coordination.


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