Design a boy’s nursery

Design a boy’s nursery

Your little dude’s arrival is almost due. And as you’re finishing off the last of your baby-related purchases, you realise that you still need to finish the nursery. Don’t panic! We have some awesome tips and tricks on how to design a boy’s nursery.

Design a boy’s nursery like this:

1. Don’t settle for blue

Although blue might be a very traditional colour for boys, you don’t have to go with the “old and trusted.” Why not consider pallets like minty green, red, navy, or grey? These fun colours can open up a whole world of possibilities as far as décor is concerned and may help you make a small space appear bigger.

2. Rug and tough

If you have wooden flooring, opt for plush wool or shag rugs. Rugs help cushion baby bottoms during the stages when they learn to sit, crawl, and eventually, walk. Remember to choose a rug that cleans easily, and when we refer to cleaning, we’re talking about spot-cleaning, because you’ll be doing a LOT of that.

3. Cutting the curtains

Curtains are an important part of any nursery’s design because that’s where baby needs to take a nap. Choose blackout curtains in the same shade you’re using for the nursery so that you can darken the room when naptime comes. If you have a small space to work with, go for roman shades or short, tailored panels, which will eliminate bulk and make the room look more spacious.

4. Don’t baby up the room

Nurseries don’t have to scream “baby.” You should decorate the nursery in a way that reflects your style and taste, just like the rest of your home. You can even add some elements of antiquity to the nursery, by displaying items that have been handed down through your family over the years.

5. Be inspired by colour

Designing a nursery can be intimidating, so before you finalise your design, start with a colour inspiration. Take a photo of an outfit or a room or a landscape that you love and then draw inspiration from that. Visualize the space by using aids such as Pinterest and gather as many ideas as you possibly can before settling on a final design.

6. Go for a theme

Decorating a baby boy’s nursery based on a theme will make the whole process that much easier since you’ll be theme-oriented and focused on finding matching décor items. Some of the most popular themes for baby boy nurseries include machinery, cars, nautical, and hunting, among others.


By Jess Green

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