Dad and baby bonding: How to make it happen

Dad and baby bonding: How to make it happen

New moms have one great advantage over their partners: they’ve been bonding with their babies for nine months while they were in the womb. But now its dad’s time to start bonding with the baby as well. Which is a task that can be much easier said than done. Here are a few simple ways in which you can make dad and baby bonding easier:

Tips for dad and baby bonding

1. Let him catch as many special early moments as possible.

The early moments between a dad and his baby are essential for creating a lifelong bond, and although it might be hard to find some ‘down time’ to cuddle with baby, dad should be encouraged to do so often and consistently. The time they have together should be cherished and always encouraged.

2. Let dad take care of bath time.

Getting your husband to give your baby a bath isn’t only great for getting the two of them to bond; it also gives you some well-deserved downtime, especially if you’re breastfeeding. Make sure that dad spends time talking to baby while he’s giving her a bath. Eye contact is also very important. And because bath time is something that has to happen on a daily basis, it’s the perfect way to create a special bonding session on a daily basis.

3. Let the good times stroll.

Weather permitting, dad can always spend some time with baby while he’s giving her a tour of the neighborhood in her stroller, or strapped to his chest in a baby sling. This is yet another opportunity for mom to sit back and relax for a while, or just take a shower without having to constantly worry about her new baby.

4. Invest in a daddy’s toy.

Your baby will probably be inundated with new toys from friends and family, but there’s an element of magic that comes into play when you give your baby a toy from his dad, that he’s only allowed to play with when dad is around.

5. Let dad help out with the night shift.

Babies are used to mom always being there when they call. But when you introduce the DAD element to the nighttime routine; it can help create a deeper bond between the two of them. This doesn’t have to happen every night, but allow our partner to give you a helping hand now and then, even if it’s just to fetch your baby and bring her to the bed for a breastfeeding session.


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