Cost of education in SA vs the rest of the world

Cost of education in SA vs the rest of the world

You probably already know about the immense costs of sending your kid to private school. But do you know what the cost of education in SA looks like when compared to the rest of the world? According to an assessment by the International Schools Database, SA still offers affordable international education in the world.


What does the cost of education in SA really look like?

Five of the top ten most expensive cities where education seems to be overcharged are Switzerland, China, Shanghai, Beijing and Lausanne.  Cities such as Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Abu Dhabi are some of the most affordable in international education.


The cost of education in SA came in as the second cheapest average cost of education per month at roughly R4,700. The International Schools Database looked at the average monthly cost of education that is represented as a percent of the average rent.


With this in mind, South African education has the sixth most adorable education in the world. The average cost of education is 23% of the average rent in Cape Town. When compared with the figures of Hanoi, Vietnam, which is at 153%, that’s a stunner.


Can South African parents afford the cost of education in SA?

According to the online job aggregator, Adzuna, parents in SA are already spending a big percentage of their salaries on accommodation. When you look at the table below, you see that Western Cape residents spend an average of 45% of their monthly salary on rent. When you consider the fact that they spend about 23% of the average rent on education, that comes down to roughly R3,150 per month for schooling. Considering the fact that the average salary in Cape Town is R29519, the monthly average of R3,150 for school fees seems very affordable. Keep in mind that the Adzuna stats were calculated for one person occupying a 1-bedroom home within the city centre.


Province Median Rental Price Average Salary % of Salary Spent on Rent
Western Cape R13500 R29519 45%
KwaZulu-Natal R9500 R22275 42%
Mpumalanga R7400 R22184 33%
Limpopo R7798 R23143 33%
Gauteng R9000 R28938 31%
Eastern Cape R6000 R22157 27%
North West R7280 R26365 27%
Free State R5995 R21771 27%
Northern Cape R8800 R34823 25%




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