Child eating & food

Welcome to the Kiddles hub for child eating and food. We all know that kids can be the fussiest eaters on planet earth, so ow can you remedy their bad eating habits? On this page, we’ll share a wealth of information pertaining to the eating habits and food of older kids. Here are some great articles to get you started:


All about child eating and food

How your kid’s diet could be impacting their iron levels

When babies are born, they have iron stored in their bodies. But they need a steady stream of incoming iron to help support healthy growth and development. At 12 months of age, your baby needs 11mg of iron on a daily basis. By the time your kid is between four and eight years old, he needs about 10m of iron per day. Girls aged 14-18 years of age need roughly 15mg of iron where boys need 11mg on a daily basis. Read more here.


All about food intolerances

Introducing your kids to new foods can be a fun time of their lives, but it can also cause distress. Some kids can’t handle certain foods, which leads to food intolerance in kids. If your kiddo suddenly starts having adverse reactions to certain foods, he might have food intolerances. Let’s take a look at what food intolerances are and why they happen.


Why your kids need you to stop being a short-order cook

Short order cooking for a picky eater can be physically and mentally exhausting. All that extra work of whipping up special meals every day can quickly snowball and make your job as a mom feel like a little too much. So here’s our plea to you: Just STOP. Read the full article here.


How to pack the best school lunch box

Sending your little one off to preschool comes hand-in-hand with a variety of worries. But fretting over a lunch box shouldn’t have to be one of them. Here’s some advice on how to pick the best lunch boxes or bag for your little one’s school day!


Finding the best snacks for growing kids

It’s a typical day. You pick your kids up from school, and as soon as you set foot in the house, they make a beeline to the kitchen. They’re STARVING. But snacking on junk will cut down on their productivity, so what’s a health-conscious mom to do? You can start by reading this article!