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Teaching kids about good versus bad secrets

When it comes to kids and secrets, there are the good kinds and the bad kinds. So how can you teach your kids the difference between the two? Here’s a crash course in bad versus good secrets, and how to teach your kids the difference between them.

How to calm your kid’s nerves

As reported in a Psychology Today article, people (in general) fear public speaking and performances more than death. So the average person attending a funeral would rather be lying in the casket than saying a few words up on stage. It’s only normal for kids to show trepidation over upcoming performances. But luckily, there are quite a few ways in which you can help them overcome the fear and help them see that they can rock the show.


Your kid and bullying

Bullying is a heated topic, and probably always will be. It is estimated that bullying occurs in over 25% of public schools on a daily and weekly basis. One in every five high school kids are bullied, so just imagine what’s really going on if these are the estimates! There has never been a better time to arm your kid against bullies.


About your daughter and beauty

“Mommy, you’re so pretty!” This is what most girls have to say about their mothers. And the feeling swings both ways. Moms tell their daughters that they’re beautiful just as much as they hear it from them. But the topic of your daughter and beauty is a messy one. Only 14% of girls call themselves pretty or beautiful. 60% of moms out there reckon they’re beautiful. Read the full article here.


Why kids really don’t need social media in their lives

According to child development experts, Facebook’s new messaging app for kids could end in disaster. The app was developed for kids aged 13 and younger, but kids and social media is one thing that will just never make sense. Kids under 13 years of age aren’t ready to have their own social media accounts. Let alone navigate the complexities of the online world where privacy is always at risk. Kids and social media just don’t mix. And here’s why.