Child Health

Welcome to the Kiddles hub for child health. This page has been put together to help moms learn more about all things health related for their older kids. On this page, you’ll find some great info including details on iron deficiency, food intolerance, and even chickenpox. To get you started out, here are some suggested reads:


The best articles about child health

The truth about iron deficiency in kids

Iron deficiency in kids is a very real problem, and if you don’t know what to look for, it can cause years of suffering.  Here’s a quick guide to the problem, some basic info on preventing it, and how to treat it.


Everything you need to know about child health and allergies

Allergies in kids seem to be a worldwide problem that’s increasing in intensity with every year that passes. But what causes kids to develop allergies, and is there anything you can do to help them? Let’s dive into this topic…


Here’s all you need to know about chickenpox

For quite some time, the chickenpox vaccine wasn’t available on the South African market. This lead to a gap in the health industry where a lot of kids became infected with the childhood disease. Let’s take a closer look at what chickenpox is and how you can go about treating it.


All about food intolerances in kids

Introducing your kids to new foods can be a fun time of their lives, but it can also cause distress. Some kids can’t handle certain foods, which leads to food intolerance in kids. If your kiddo suddenly starts having adverse reactions to certain foods, he might have food intolerances. Let’s take a look at what food intolerances are and why they happen.


A mom’s guide to appendicitis

Stomach aches are common ailments in the childhood years, but could there be something to worry about? Although it doesn’t happen often, there are a lot of cases of appendicitis in kids that happen on a yearly basis. Let’s take a closer look at the problem, what causes it, and how you can treat it.


Real growing pain myths and truths

Roughly 25 to 40 percent of kids experience growing pains as they mature. But sadly, a lot of people are misinformed about what it is and how it to treat the problem at home. Let us help you understand some of the most common myths about growing pains. Uncovering the truth about this childhood ailment.