Welcome to the Kiddles hub for child behaviour. You though the twos were terrible and the threes were trying. You made it through the fours and the fives, and heck, you’re still sane. Well, for the most part. But from the age of 6 onwards, kids get a little weird. And dealing with their shenanigans isn’t always as easy as it might seem. That’s why we’ve created this page. To help all moms in some desperate need of advice. Check out these suggested reads to get you started:


The best articles on child behaviour

How to handle meltdowns in older kids

There are going to be times when your child or children will experience emotional floods. Where they are beside themselves with anger, frustration and sadness.  This is where the “instinctive” brain has completely taken over and hijacked the brain. Let’s take a look at some of the best tactics for handling meltdowns.


All about gender stereotypes and how they affect your kids

Gender stereotypes in toys is a very real deal. Over the years, it has programmed boys to do jobs seen as manly, such as science and engineering roles. And it has urged girls to do feminine jobs such as teaching and nursing. Here’s a look at the most important gender stereotypes in kids’ toys that all parents need to know about.


Does your kid need more discipline?

None of us wants to raise undisciplined kids. But we often make compromises and give rewards for behaviour that really doesn’t call for any praise. We do what we have to to make life a little easier. Even if it means rewarding your kid with a cookie for finishing her veggies. But keep up the antics, and pretty soon you’ll have a kid with a serious lack of discipline. Read the full article here.


The best alternatives to spanking

The whole world seems to be against spanking these days. Back in the day, you were probably spanked as a kid, but now, it’s taboo to discipline your kids that way. So what’s a parent, low on patience, to do? Well, you find other discipline tools. Here’s a roundup of some of the best alternatives to spanking.


How you can use guilt to discipline your kids

The idea to use guilt to discipline kids sounds downright terrible. But just give this a second thought before losing focus. Although mom-guilt is the stuff that family comedies are made of, it seems like a certain amount of parental guilt is what most kids need to become better people. Read the full article here.