Blended family tips all stepfamilies need in their lives

Blended family tips all stepfamilies need in their lives

Blended families and stepfamilies are more common today than they ever were, and the present challenges you might never have encountered in “traditional” families. So how can you make your blended family blend better together? Here are some great blended family tips that might help you overcome some of the most common obstacles in the stepfamily dynamic:


Awesome blended family tips

Start with a solid marriage

Without a strong foundation, there really isn’t a family. Taking care of your marriage within a blended family can be very hard to do because you don’t have as much time together. You have to parent and grow into your marriage at the same time, but taking care of your relationship is essential to the success of your new family.


Set the stage for being civil

Even if everyone in the family doesn’t get along, behaviour like ignoring, purposely hurting others, and withdrawing from the family unit should be no-go. You don’t have to be smitten for each other, but you can all try to get along for the sake of family. If it means you have to smile and wave on a daily basis, then do it, because it will be worth it the end.


Don’t bombard the kids with buckets full of changes all at once.

Blended families can be hard to form. And it takes at least two years for everyone to really settle into the situation. The idea of forming a new family can be hard for the kids to accept. So give them time to settle into things before slapping all kinds of changes in routines and rituals on them.


Accept that you won’t love your partner’s kids immediately.

The idea of love at first sight when it comes to your partner’s kids sounds idyllic. But more often than not, this just doesn’t happen. You might even find that you initially love them and then fall out of love. Which might happen as you get used to them. Once the family has really settled, you’ll get to know them better. But a deep love…well, that might take years to happen.


Experience real life together as a family

Yes, it’s great to take all the kids on a day out when you’re all together. But fun outings don’t replicate real-life situations. You need to get everyone within the family used to “life as you know it” as soon as possible to help everyone settle into the new dynamics of family life.


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