Being a woman: Here’s what we need to teach

Being a woman: Here’s what we need to teach

As moms, we need to teach our daughters what being a woman is all about. Growing up is hard, and it’s a journey paved with wild emotions and crazy hormones. In order for your daughter to realise her worth, you need to equip her with the right mentoring. You need to help her grow to avoid negative and defeating thoughts as much as possible and to understand the essence of being a girl, and eventually, a woman.


What to teach your daughter about being a woman

You are smart, regardless of what the world makes you feel

It’s important to reinforce that mistakes are normal. People are not perfect. Your daughter needs to know that being a woman means that her mistakes do not define her but they are ways to learn and grow in life.


You are beautiful

It took most of us many years and countless fad diets (plus a pregnancy or two) to realize that our bodies are perfect just the way they are. But it’s something we still struggle reminding ourselves of. Your daughter needs to know that people come in all shapes and sizes and striving to have the “perfect” body isn’t only unrealistic, it’s also unhealthy. If you’re healthy, eat well and take care of your body, you are so much more beautiful than the reflection you see in a mirror.


Men can’t be fixed by women

Most men need help or support from women, and it’s something that can consume us and quickly lead us on all the wrong trials in life. Instead of trying to help or fix any man, women should be focusing on their own well-being. Teach your daughter that she deserves someone who doesn’t require every ounce of her energy.


And you also don’t need to fix any of your friends

It really doesn’t do any good (for anyone) if you’re always there to help your friends but never get any help in return. Your needs come before those of others because you cannot give from an empty basket. Your daughter needs to understand that she comes first, with her needs and life being the number one priority. She also needs to know that saying “no” when you’re too overwhelmed to help is completely acceptable. In fact, it’s welcomed.


Always trust your mom

Growing up when you know your mom has high expectations of you can make it difficult to go to her with minor issues going on in your life. Your daughter needs to know that even through your disappointment, you are proud of her and you are someone she can always trust. Everyone needs that kind of support. To be able to tell your mom anything without fearing her reaction.


Raising a girl as a woman is scary. You already know the things she’ll fear in life. All of the terrifying things she’ll encounter as she grows older. And worst of all, the insecurities she’ll have about herself. You want to save her from the world, but you also know the worth of personally experiencing these lessons in life. Even though she might not be a baby anymore, she will always be your daughter, and it will always be your job to keep her safe and warm.

By Seldean Smith

Seldean is a full-time single mom and avid contributor to the Kiddles website. Her hobbies include discovering awesome new places and spaces for kids and writing content that resonates with the hearts of other parents.

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