Newborn Care

Congratulations! You just brought your little bundle of joy home, and this is where the real journey begins. If you’re struggling to get the hand of basic newborn care, rest assured that we’ve got your back. From the first bath to the umbilical cord care, here are some essentials you need to keep in mind when it comes to the basics of newborn care.

The basics of newborn care

Handling your newborn

A newborn baby’s fragility might seem a little intimidating, but handling them is easier than it seems. It’s important to always wash your hands before touching your baby. You also want to ensure that you’re always supporting their head and neck while holding them. Your newborn baby isn’t ready for play yet, so keep them as stationary as possible until they can control their own head movements.

Bonding with new baby

Bonding with your baby is probably one of the most precious things on earth, but not all moms find this to come naturally. One way to promote boding is to be physically close to them as often as possible. Infants see attachment as vita for emotional growth, plus it also affects their physical growth. Be sure to use a lot of skin-to-skin contact during those first few days you spend at home with your new baby. Infant massage is another great way to bond with your baby.

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