Baby sleep

Welcome to the Kiddles baby sleep hub. On this page, we’ll be debunking sleep myths and giving you advice like it’s going out of style. To help get you started, here are some of our suggested reads:

Most common baby sleep myths

As a new mom, you’ve already busted the myth that says that relates to “sleeping like a baby”. But did you know that there are A LOT of other seriously misleading baby sleep myths out there? We’ve rounded up the best of them all and busted them good and proper!

Everything you need to know about baby sleep training

We get it: Sleep training is an unofficial no-go. It’s a word that most parents dread and picture to be just plain awful. Bring up sleep training in a mom’s only Facebook group, and you’re pretty much screwed with all the hateful comments. But here you are, looking for a solution that will get your baby to sleep for longer than 1.5 hours at a time. Enter that word: Sleep Training.

Oh crap! My baby is overtired! What now?

Trying to get an overtired baby or toddler to just sleep can be super exhausting for parents, and the problem is that the more urgent the need for sleep becomes, the more your little human will try to fight it. Let’s look at what causes overtiredness and how you can help your baby get rid of it.

All about baby sleep regressions

A lot of parents out there think that once their babies start sleeping through the night, it’s all smooth sailing from there. Except, babies soon turn into toddlers, toddlers who will go through four major sleep regressions before they reach the age of three. Read the full article by clicking here.

How you might be sabotaging your baby’s sleep

Some kids take a while to get into a good sleep routine. But once they’ve mastered the art, they should be sleeping soundly through the night. If your baby is older than six months and still waking up on a consistent basis, you might be doing something wrong. Here’s how to stop sabotaging your kid’s sleep.

Sleep apps all parents need in their lives

Advancements in technology are awesome for the most part. Especially if it’s something that can help make the life parents just a little easier. Here’s a roundup of the best sleep apps that will help make bedtime that much easier.