Baby Safety

Welcome to the Kiddles hub for baby safety. This is a place where moms can come to find information about keeping their little humans safe. Whether you need information on car seats or baby-proofing your home, we’ve got you covered. We’ll debunk a couple of myths and arm you with some great ideas for keeping your baby safe during his or her first year of life. Here are some great reads to get you started out!

The easy way to baby-proof your home

Once your little human starts crawling (and walking), it’s hard to tell what they’ll get into. Which is why it is essential to baby-proof your home. When we refer to baby-proofing the home, we’re talking about ensuring that all items baby can open, pull on, and play with are safe and secure. And accident-proof. Here are some easy ways in which you can ensure your kid’s safety inside the home.

Common choking hazards for babies

Babies and toddlers mouth everything they can get their little hands on, it’s just how they explore the world around them. While there’s no hard and fast way to prevent taste-testing, you should aim to keep choking hazards out of their reach as far as possible. Read more about the most common choking hazards for baby by following this link.

Baby bath safety 101

Giving your baby his or her first ever bath can be a scary situation, but it needn’t be, and if you follow some simple safety rules, you’ll be well on your way towards ensuring that bath time becomes a time of pleasure, and not of agony! Here are some baby bath safety tips all parents need to know.

Basics of baby car seat safety

When buying a baby car seat, the last thing you’re considering is the common mistakes that most other parents make. But here’s a secret: you’re probably going to make them too if you don’t pay attention. Here are some of the most common baby car seat safety fails and how to avoid them.

Everything you need to know about baby crib safety

As one of the most essential pieces of baby gear you’ll ever own, your baby’s crib has to be safe and secure. It’ll be the safeguard for a baby at its most vulnerable stage of life. Which is exactly why you need to ensure it passes the basic safety checks. Here’s what to keep in mind when setting up your baby’s crib.