Baby Health

Welcome to the Kiddles baby health hub. On this page, we’ve rounded up our best health tips, tricks, and advice for new moms. To get you started, let’s introduce you to some great topics and reads:

Baby vaccinations

In South Africa, we have quite an extensive baby immunisation program, and its offered for free at most state clinics and government hospitals. If you choose not to use the free program provided by the Department of Health, you can also use a private schedule. The program can be used as a supplementation plan to the government program, or on its own entirely. Here’s a new mom’s essential vaccine guide!

Common baby health concerns

What exactly is RSV? How common is flu and colds in babies? How can I treat my baby’s cough? What can I do to help alleviate my constipated baby?  We’ve got you covered here.

Baby’s first checkup

It feels like just yesterday that you arrived home with your newborn baby. But in the blink of an eye, six weeks have flown by. And now it’s time to head out for baby’s first checkup with the paediatrician. What should you expect from the visit? Here’s a quick guide to what’s about to go down!

All about your baby’s healthy weight gain

When your baby was born, he might have tipped the scales at somewhere around 3 kilograms. And the day you left the hospital, he had already lost at least 500 grams. Now that your home, your baby has started picking up some weight, but what’s normal and what should you expect with regards to your baby’s weight gain going forward? Here’s a quick guide!

Everything a new mom needs to know about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome – It’s something that most new parents fear. Yet it’s something that can be prevented. And if you have your wits about you, it can be much easier than you ever imaged. Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome before we discuss the basic dos and don’ts for preventing SIDS. Read the full article