Baby Development

Welcome to the Kiddles baby development hub. This is the place were all new moms can come to learn more about their baby’s development and milestones. To get you started, here are some suggested reads!

Baby development months 1-7

Wondering what to expect as far as your baby’s milestones are concerned from the first to the third month of his or her life? Here’s a quick guide to baby milestones during those first few months.

Your baby seems to be growing and maturing by the hour at this moment. And even though every new milestone seems like an exciting new adventure for you. Here’s what you need to focus on as far as baby milestones months 4-7 are concerned.

Baby development months 8-12

Just a few short months ago, you brought home a flip-floppy newborn, and now, as the tiny baby stages are drawing to a close, you might be wondering what’s next. Here’s a quick guide to what to expect as far as baby milestones months 8-11 are concerned.

Once your baby reaches the 12-month mark, it’s easy to forget and stop focusing on the important baby milestone, but in reality, there’s still a lot that parents need to be keeping an eye on. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind for baby milestones month 12 and beyond.

A guide to your baby’s first-year milestones

So you’ve just brought home your precious bundle of joy. Along with the congratulations (which are entirely in order) here’s a little side note: Get ready for the ride of your life! Keen on learning more about what to expect during baby’s first year of life? Read our guide on baby milestones, grab your crash helmet, and enjoy the hot mess!

Baby milestones you don’t need to worry about

Obviously, there are times at which slow development might indicate a condition which might require treatment of some kind. But here are a few general ways in which you can tell whether your little princess is just a late bloomer or if outside help is required.

Development boosting baby activities

During the first six months of your baby’s life, you saw him transform from a floppy-headed newborn into a tiny person who can now start to sit up on his own. And while it’s true that all babies develop at their own pace, as moms, we’re always going to want to help them along and do things that’ll make reaching those milestones easier for them. So here’s some great advice on development boosting baby activities.