Awesome parenting advice for dads

Awesome parenting advice for dads

The internet is flooded with parenting advice for moms, but what about the dads? Don’t they deserve some special attention too? In this post, we’ll be delivering some of our most practical parenting advice for dads. No need to thank us. We’re nice like that.


Parenting advice for dads – tips, tricks, and general info about fatherhood

  1. When your partner gets pregnant, you’ll probably be the second person to know. She’ll tell her mom or her BFF before she breaks the news to you.
  2. Nine months before a baby is born, a dad is born. Your job started on the day your partner got a positive pregnancy test result.
  3. When making a bottle, it’s important to stir, not shake, the milk.
  4. Sunlight is an awesome aid to your rescue should you ever get poop stains on your clothes.
  5. Don’t freak out, but newborns don’t blink.
  6. Your wife or partner really doesn’t want to have sex for at least four weeks after the birth of your baby. Don’t even attempt it.
  7. Cargo shorts are practically wearable diaper bags.
  8. Every year, for the rest of your life, you need to go big on Mother’s Day.
  9. Always travel with an extra set of clothes for you and baby.
  10. If you’re ever in doubt, just vacuum it up from the floor.

Even more great parenting advice for dads…

  1. If your kid spills something, clap and cheer. They’ll carry on, but if you act dramatic, the waterworks come on.
  2. Be sure to schedule a date night with your partner at least once a month. It’s still important.
  3. Baby-proof the entire house before your baby starts walking. You’ll thank yourself later.
  4. Your kid is hoping you’ll change your answer. They’re not asking why because they really want to know the answer.
  5. Veggies should always be served And snacks before bedtime is ALWAYS a bad idea.
  6. If you’re still struggling to get rid of that grass stain, nail polish remover can give you a helping hand.
  7. Don’t ever refer to spending time with your kids as babysitting. We’ll be okay with the fact that you got stabbed by your wife is you use crazy talk like that.
  8. Don’t send your kids to their rooms for punishment. They need to be sentenced to a boring, plain spot where they can pull themselves together.

By Jess Green

Jess is a happy father and avid supporter of kiddles, writing occasionally and keeping the website afloat. His favourite kids activity is hiking and teaching kids about nature.

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