All about adult vaccines

All about adult vaccines

Vaccines are not just for babies, although most people tend to forget that. Adult vaccines are super important as they help prevent the spread of infectious and potentially deadly diseases. As adults, we benefit greatly from booster vaccines that enhance the effect of immunisations we had during our childhood years. Recently developed vaccines can also prevent or decrease the severity of ailments likely to be encountered later on in life. So what are these adult vaccines we’re talking about? Read on to find out!


Adult vaccines most of us need in our lives


The Human Papillomavirus vaccine is suitable for women between the ages of 11 and 27. It protects against the strains of HPV that cause cervical cancer. HPV is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections out there.

Meningococcal vaccine

The Meningococcal vaccine helps protect against organisms that cause meningitis. Infants and pre-teens usually get this vaccine. During the early adult years, you might need a booster, especially if you live in close quarters with others.


Tdap Vaccine

Adults need a booster of the Tdap vaccine every ten years to help protect against tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis. These vaccines are especially important for pregnant women, caregivers, young kids, and people with weakened immune systems.


Hep A

The Hepatitis A vaccine is suitable for adolescents and adults who are at risk of contracting Hepatitis A and who did not have the vaccine as kids.



If you’ve never had chicken pox or a vaccine for it, you should consider getting the Varicella vaccine. This vaccine helps prevent adult chickenpox, known as shingles.


Pneumonia Vaccine

Adults older than 65 should be vaccinated against Streptococcus pneumonia bacteria to help decrease the risk of pneumonia. You should also get this vaccine if you smoke or have asthma.


Flu vaccine

This one is critical, especially for pregnant women. It helps protect an expectant mother and her unborn baby against the flu. An annual flu vaccine is suitable for all people over six months of age. Because flu viruses mutate regularly, you need to ensure that you protect yourself against the most common strain of flu circulating that season.


Travel immunisations

If you’re travelling to other countries, it is essential to have a chat with your doctor about the necessary vaccinations. Travel immunisations prepare and protect you against conditions in the region you are travelling to.


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