A roundup of the best baby finger foods

A roundup of the best baby finger foods

Baby finger foods is an exciting thing to embrace after you’ve spent months nursing, preparing bottles, and even spooning puree into a hungry little mouth. Here are some ideas on what to give your little human to start them out on the right track in their culinary adventures.


Baby finger foods that rock

Banana slices

There aren’t a lot of babies that’ll turn their cheek to a banana. To make it easy for them to eat, cut the banana in circular slices and then half them, just to eliminate the choking risk. Also, stand the pieces up on their ends to make it easier to grip. Banana slices are great baby finger foods, but they can be very slippery and hard to pick up.


Homemade Pancakes

Try making your own buckwheat pancakes or use another multigrain flower. Mix in some fruit puree, flaxseed oil, and tahini for added nutrition.


Roasted plum, peach, or mango chunks

These soft foods are a real sweet treat and pack quite a punch as far as vitamins and fibre are concerned.


Soft cooked pasta

Whole-grain pasta is always best for your baby. Try offering them some whole-wheat, buckwheat, spelt, or quinoa to start introducing them to healthy carb options.


Avo slices

Soft avocado slices are easy to swallow and contain heaps of healthy fats and fibre.


Steamed vegetables

You can quickly steam up a batch of sliced carrots, broccoli and potatoes and cut them into tiny pieces to make them more suitable for little hands and fingers.



Although Cheerios is a popular pick for baby finger foods, try finding the healthier, oats version of this cereal, which can be found in most health shops. The oats Cheerios have less sugar and much more fibre than traditional Cheerios.



Some babies will eagerly chomp on mature cheddar cheese, but not all of them are keen on such acquired tastes. Too stick to the safe side of things, go ahead and offer your baby some mozzarella or gouda sticks to gum.


Wholegrain bread, tortillas, or muffins

Cut bread, tortillas, or a whole grain muffin into small pieces and then offer them to your baby, one piece at a time. Giving the whole serving at once will probably have your baby trying to stuff them all in at once, which isn’t ideal.

By Seldean Smith

Seldean is a full-time single mom and avid contributor to the Kiddles website. Her hobbies include discovering awesome new places and spaces for kids and writing content that resonates with the hearts of other parents.

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