8 totally normal reasons why babies cry

8 totally normal reasons why babies cry

Have you ever found yourself breaking into tears because you have no freaking clue why your baby is crying, again? Sometimes babies cry for no apparent reason, but then there are also a lot of perfectly normal reasons why babies cry. Here’s what your baby might be crying about and how you can make it stop.


Reasons why babies cry

There’s something wrong with this diaper and the way it feels on my skin!

Sometimes your baby will cry because he needs his diaper changed, but he could also be crying because the fit is just a little too tight. This is just one of the normal reasons why babies cry.


Hey, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m talking to you!

Babies don’t take it well when someone ignores them. Sometimes they cry because they’re bored, need you to show you’re listening to them, or just want to be held for a little while.


Please just make it stop!

Babies get overstimulated all the time, and when that happens, they need all activity to cease. Try moving your baby to a quieter area and swaddling him or her until they feel safe and secure again.


I’ve got some serious tummy aches mom!

Gas is a reality of infancy. But you can help relieve that gas by burping them and gently massaging their bellies. If that doesn’t work, try putting them down for some good old tummy time.


I think Lala land is calling my name!

We all get cranky when we’re tired, and babies are no exception to the rule. More often than not, babies will cry to indicate that they need some nap time straight away.


Phew, man, it’s really hot in here!

Check your baby’s hands and feet, the nape of his neck, and his forehead to gauge whether or not he’s hot. If your baby is hot or it’s too cold for him, add or remove layers of clothing as required.


You dressed me in something that’s rubbing me in all the wrong ways!

Onesies are super cute, but they can also be really annoying. The same applies for clothing that’s too tight. Do a quick once-over to ensure there’s nothing wrong with the outfit your baby is wearing and remove if needed.


Darn it, I dislike this teething process SO much!

Teething starts way before the first pearly whites come out, and it can be very uncomfortable for babies. To alleviate the symptoms, try massaging your baby’s gums with your finger or give them a cool teething toy.

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